The Best Guitars To Start Your Music Career With

classical guitar

So, you want to start to play the guitar, but you are overwhelmed by all those different models?

In this article, we are going to show you how to find the best guitars and break down the differences between acoustic, classical, electric and fingerstyle guitars. First, let’s see what guitar types are out there.

Types Of Guitars

  • Electric – Electric guitars are mostly used by rock bands, and they require an amplifier to get the most out of them. They are usually easier to learn when compared to an acoustic guitar, but since they require a lot of additional accessories such as cables, amps, pedals, picks and more. This makes beginners confused, so they go with the acoustic version.
  • Acoustic – Acoustic guitars are the most popular instrument out there, and they are very easy to play and don’t cost too much. This makes it the most desired and most popular guitar type. People usually prefer the acoustic guitar over others because it doesn’t require any other accessories to be able to get its full potential. You can just put it inside the gig bag, and take it with you wherever you go. I would recommend every beginner to start with an acoustic guitar, because once you learn to play it properly, you will also be able to play the other guitar types with just a little practice.
  • Acoustic-Electric – If you can’t decide between the electric and the acoustic guitar, then an acoustic-electric guitar would be a great option for you. Those guitars can be played in a both plugged and unplugged version, and both of them have a different sound. I wouldn’t recommend this to beginners since it can get overwhelming.
  • Classical – The main difference between a classical guitar and a regular one is that classical guitars use nylon strings, whereas normal guitars use steel strings. The material of the string can have a large outcome on the sound of the guitar.
  • Bass – Bass guitars are very similar to electric guitars, but they have fewer strings and they are used to produce lower frequencies. There are some more advanced bass guitars that have 6 strings, but the traditional ones have 4 strings.

Guitar Body Types

  • Dreadnaught – This is the most popular guitar body shape that is used by almost 80% of all guitars out there. In 1916, martin was the first to come up with this body type, and since then it has been one of the most popular types out there.
  • Parlor – These guitars are usually smaller than dreadnaught guitars, which makes them preferable by people that travel often.
  • Jumbo – The Jumbo body shape is one of the loudest out there. It was first introduced by Gibson around 90 years ago. It is used by mostly classical & country music players such as Bob Dylan.

String Types

  • Nylon – As we mentioned earlier, nylon strings are usually used on classical guitars.
  • Bass & Bronze – These are also popular on cheaper guitars.
  • Steel & Nickel – High-end guitars manufacturers such as Taylor, Yamaha and Martin use steel strings on their guitars.


I hope this guide was helpful for introducing you to the world of acoustic guitars. You should research more before deciding to buy one though. The best way would be to go to your local guitar dealer and pick up a few of your favorites and see how they feel in your hand. Good Luck!

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