Keith Urban: The Greatest Hits Album Review

I wrote before that Keith Urban has nothing to do with country music. I still think so but that does not mean that I don’t like his music!
Keith Urban knows how to write, play and sing a killer love song and his soft melodies and voice make girls all over the globe to go gaga. This album starts with two new love ballads and they sound as good and as Urban as ever.

Romeo’s Tune is the opening track and Keith wants you to meet him in the middle of the day and say it is okay. Smart lyrics and Keith sounds very good.

If you know anything about Keith’s life you’ll figure out right away that the next new song is a tribute to his wife Nicole. It is called “Got It Right This Time” and the way he looks and sounds these days I bet he did!

We will here both of these new songs on top of the charts 2008 if God is willing, I’ve no doubt! He plays his guitar now sober but with as much passion as ever and clear mind and head and you just got to love him, I know I can’t help but turn into lovesick teenager all over again every time I hear Keith Urban sing!

I think this is a great combination of the best Keith Urban has to offer! You’ll get 18 songs, most of them radio edits. If you are thinking what to buy your girl on Valentine, this CD just might score you some high points!

I love listening to everything from “Tonight I Wanna Cry” to “Stupid Boy” to “Raining On Sunday” every time I want to feel cuddly and romantic.

There is no miss on this album and when you have Urban and Greatest Hits, you know the hits are BIG! He ends this album with “Everybody”, his newest video getting plenty of airtime everywhere as expected.

I gave Keith’s last studio album only four stars because I knew he can do better. I bet he has some brilliant music on his sleeve waiting to be released and this album is just a right kind of tease and promise for all the fans out there. So if you do not own any Keith Urban albums this is a perfect way to start!

  • Pros: 2 great new songs, produced brilliantly
  • Cons: Well, there is only 2 new songs…

The Bottom Line: This Aussie boy is a Gift for all of us romantics and this album is a long love song from start to finish!

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