How to Export Midi Formats from Garageband

Garageband lends itself to musical inspiration. You end up with a whole new group of music that you need to share. The only issue is that many music players do not read the Garageband format. So what can you do? Follow the steps below to learn how to export your midi from Garageband.
When you have a midi that you want to export from Garageband you have to export it in a format that your music player can understand. There is a way to do that in a matter of minutes.

Next choose which instrument that you want to use to create the music with. The choices are piano, electric guitar, voice, loops, keyboard collection, acoustic instrument, Podcast or movie. There are a few others that you will not need for this purpose. You should just ignore those.

Now give the Midi a name and choose the key and tempo that you want it to be as well as where you will save the Midi. Now hit “create”. Then select what kind of vocal that you will use in order to create your midi. There are several choices that can also alter the sound and intimation of other instruments. Additionally you can select pre-written MIDI loops and add them to your music. All of this together combined allows you to create a very unique project and MIDI file.

When you are ready to export the midi file to a CD, you can do that through iTunes. When you have completed the music and that you want to export simply go to share iTunes. Once your music selection is in iTunes it is very simple to change the format. Select the piece that you just saved to iTunes and now you just convert it to Aiff, Wav, or mp3.

Most players use mp3s. So generally speaking you will want to choose that format. In fact no matter what you want to do with the midi export you can always change it to be compatible with your music player. Just make sure that you have iTunes on your computer. Which every Mac comes with iTunes so it is not a problem. So crank up Garageband and let’s get creative. You can even import a midi to play with it and have fun. I have friends that do this. It’s adictive. Try it for yourself. Just don’t come back complaining to me when you waste hours playing with your music.

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