Elvis Presley Would Have Been 81 Today

While Elvis Presley died before I was even born, I had always been dazzled by this cultural conspiracy theory that Elvis was still alive, that he had never really died and that he would one day rise again. Never before and maybe never again (until a mysterious, closed-casket death of George Clooney, maybe) has someone been so lauded at and so greatly caricatured.

While in my retelling the comparisons to a Messiah are inherent, there really was and even still is this strong belief that Elvis may one day just show up. However at what would be the ripe old age of 81, you would figure that Elvis would have made a reappearance by now, if he ever really were to.

Until then we can only speculate and remember him as he was to all of us; for me Elvis existed on a 45 on my mothers old turn table. She would pick me up and dance around the house with me in her suede chaps and psychedelic jewelry to songs like “Jailhouse Rock” and “Love Me Tender.”

One of my favorite Presley tunes is his version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas;” it’s a beautiful and aching tune that really puts me into the spirit of the season. I also really enjoy “Blue Christmas.” As two of my favorite songs from that time of year, these are most recent in my memory of the King.

But perhaps my all time favorite Elvis Presley song has to be “Blueberry Hill.” With its swanky, lazy, rolling beat and his famous voice attached to it, it remains a timeless homage to many of the late great artists of our time. Excellent versions of the song were recorded by the likes of Louis Armstrong and perhaps more popularly, Fats Domino.

But for my tastes and on this day, give me America’s hero, America’s King, Elvis Presley.

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