Country Music Videos with Cameo Appearances

Country music seems to have contact with the pulse of everyday life. My top two picks for country music videos are music videos that have both humor and a dose of reality. They also have cameo appearances in them. I will share those in this article, but first a few of the runners up for some of the country music videos that have cameo appearances or the shares spotlight by other country music entertainers, country music artists, or actors.

So, Which Are My Favorites?

Reba McEntire has both an older video and a newer video shared with other singers. The older country music video was a song she did with Linda Davis called, “Does he love you like he loves me?” Her most current popular video sang with another country music artist was from her “duets” album. It was, “Because of You,” which she sang in a video with Kelly Clarkson from American Idol. Her latest album “duets” will bring out more shared spotlight videos in the future. She was also among other country music artists such as Pam Tillis in Vince Gill’s country music video, “Don’t let our love start slipping away.”

Toby Keith had a song and video with country music legend Willie Nelson. He was also in the parody of his song, “How do you like me now,” that Cletus T. Judd remade as, “How do you milk a cow,” when he changed up the words. Cletus T. Judd did another parody of the Trace Adkins song, “every light in the house is on,” which Trace Adkins made a cameo appearance in.

There have been country music couples who have sang together in videos, such as Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black with songs like, “when I said I do.” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a husband and wife team who have toured together is tours like the soul 2 soul tour. They have done many country music songs and videos together. The latest one in 2007 that was in the top 50 country music videos on GAC for 2007 was “I need you.” They have done many other country music videos together in the past.

One other song and video shared by two Country music artist in collaboration that comes to mind is, “the whiskey ain’t working,” by Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart. An interesting set of crossover videos for Jon Bon Jovi is Bon Jovi’s video with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland, “Who says you can’t go home.” Also Jon Bon Jovi’s latest video with Leann Rimes.

However, drum roll please…

My top two picks for country music videos with cameo appearances by other entertainers were done by Brad Paisley. The first one was “Celebrity,” which poked fun at reality TV shows and it had cameo appearances by both William Shatner and Jason Alexander.

Both of them were back for my favorite of them all which is one of Brad Paisley’s videos from 2007, “Online,” which was directed by Jason Alexander as well. Kelly Picklier of American Idol fame and new teenager sensation Taylor Swift who toured with Brad Paisley were in the video as well.

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