A Faster Horse

Type: Visual Effects and MOtion Graphics
Client: A Faster Horse LLC
Creative Direction, Design, 3D Model/Texture/Render, Composite

Jumping back in the saddle with David Gelb and his team, Ghost Town was tasked with handling all visual effects and animation sequences for David's latest documentary, A Faster Horse. Created in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of America’s most iconic car, the Ford Mustang.

Within our scope of work were several major builds, including a stop motion style sequence retracing the lineage of the Mustang's various designs. We also were tasked with a full CG fly-through of the latest Mustang's design in order to help illuminate the amount of work and engineering that has gone into the latest model's design. Below is a selection of highlights and builds from the project.  

CAD FlyThrough Breakdown

Silverwrap Breakdown